Ensemble Teams at CSDS

What is the Ensemble?

The Center Stage Ensemble Team represent our studio at non-recital performances such as dance competitions, festivals, and invitational events.  

How are Ensemble Dancers selected?

Placement in the Ensemble is by audition held annually in June.  Students participate in Ballet barre, and several center combinations in other dance styles. An observation panel of dance professionals will oversee audition class and make recommendations for Ensemble Team casting. Dancers will be placed in recommended Technique classes as well as being selected for several specialty comp pieces known as 'Reps'. 

What are the benefits of joining the Ensemble Team?

The Ensemble Team program offers opportunities to dancers with the desire to perform more.  Students who show exceptional potential at auditions will be selected for repertory placements. Students will be challenged to think creatively while building a sense of professionalism and confidence in and out of the classroom.  Additional benefits include:

  • Gaining confidence and performance experience by taking part in performance events.

  • Learning the value of teamwork and working together to achieve a single goal.

  • Making strong friendships, bonding, and shared experience, giving your child a sense of belonging. 

  • Exposure to professionals in the dance industry, guest classes, and educational opportunities.

  • Becoming physically strong and fit; training helps dancers to gain flexibility, endurance, and a sense of physical empowerment.

  • Gaining confidence and performance experience by taking part in competition events. 

What is the commitment to being on Ensemble?

Ensemble Team dancers typically dance 3-4 days/week. As dancers progress to higher levels of technique, the commitment increases with extra rehearsals, technique classes, and repertory work including solos, duos, trios, and small groups.  We support a dancer's involvement in school and community activities and the priority of schoolwork. As dancers progress and become more invested in dance,  they develop a second home at the studio, and spend many evenings in class, doing homework, and spending time in a supportive and creative environment. Not only do these students begin to excel in dance, but they receive guidance and support through their childhood, adolescent, and teens years with steady mentorship from teachers and Directors.

For more information on our Ensemble program, please contact the Directors.  

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