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Dear CSDS Families,

As we enter this week of May 26, 2020 we are reminded that this would have been our annual "Recital Week", and with the hard-work and help of our staff, teachers, students, alumni, friends, and family we would have been presenting our 23rd Annual Recital, "Out of this World".  Nothing can ever replace the experience and thrill of a live performance, and we want your children to look forward to the absolute joy of performing in a way that is familiar and full of excitement. Since March we have stayed informed and in-touch with our currently enrolled families and we thank you for seeing the dance season through with us. Our online classroom has been a great success, and we are happy to continue to provide this service in the weeks and months ahead to keep our dance community together and still pass on the love, knowledge, and skill of dance that our Faculty has to offer. 


In addition to our ongoing online classroom for currently enrolled students, CSDS continues to upload at-home instructional activities & warmups on our YouTube page. These are for you, your friends, your family...the world!  We hope everyone is staying safe, remaining healthy, and finding the joy in the small moments we have come to recognize and appreciate over the past 9 weeks. More information on our end-of-season plans for Season 23 will be emailed to all currently enrolled families. In the meantime please continue attending your online classes through June 20 when our Spring semester officially ends.

Click here to read the May 26, 2020 Newsletter

• Summer Programs will be announced in June. Enrollment will be open June 21st. •

• For new families that interested in enrolling at CSDS Online this summer, please contact us.

• The most up-to-date information on Season 23 at CSDS will be provided via email and on our FB page. •

The safety and health of your family is the safety and health of ours. 

Why join our CSDS Family?

Families at Center Stage can see the quality and difference in training right away. Here's why...

  • A safe learning space that promotes open-mindedness and inclusivity. 

  • Small class sizes allow every student to be (and feel) seen & attended to.

  • Teaching Faculty is trained and invested in their own continuing education.

  • Developing a strong sense of confidence, social skills, and self-worth. 

  • To appreciate music, arts,  and the art of dance.

  • To be a part of a community, gain a sense of belonging.

  • Age-appropriAte curriculum, content, and costumes.



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