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Mission & Purpose

At CSDS, we contribute to the young dancers journey of high self-esteem, positive self image, and finding a creative part of themselves that can be expressed through movement.  All styles of dance are held with the highest regard at CSDS and this is fully represented through our work in the classroom, in the community, and on stage with versatile choreography, age-appropriate material & costuming, and an authentic atmosphere that promotes self-worth and confidence. 


CSDS History: In 1996, Donna Leonard opened the doors to our family business with the core values of hard work, passion, respect and love for the art of dance.  Carrying more than 30 years of experience with her, she established a cornerstone for dance education in the communities of Melrose and beyond. Donna's career as Artistic Director would remain for 25 years while she built a reputation for excellence in technique and authentic dance education for the generations of young dancers that have passed through the doors of CSDS. Partnerships with local performance companies, fellow small business owners, and being a mother of 4 have all contributed to the CSDS legacy that we carry forward today.


Following Donna's retirement in 2022, her first-born daughter, Christina Leonard, became CSDS' sole Director.  As a second-generation Director and seasoned dance professional, Christina strives to consistently provide the most authentic experience to young dancers and their families.  We proudly exemplify versatility, diversity and representation within our faculty, students, and guest artists. We highlight the utmost respect for all dance styles and honor them by providing a foundational dance education to our students and families. Every style of dance holds a rich history and individual pioneers that paved the way for what dance is today, and students will learn of these key figures throughout their time studying dance.  We promote inclusion, kindness, and understanding while holding the belief that high standards demand strong support both in the classroom and out.

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