Season 24: September 2020 to June 2021

Tuition & Policies

  • We are currently updating Tuition rates at CSDS. All Tuition prices will be available to enrolled families by September 16. 

    • The year’s tuition is divided into 3 equal semester payments. Tuition includes your weekly in-studio and virtual classes for 30 weeks. The full dance season is celebrated in 3 Semesters: Fall 2020 / Winter 2020 / Spring 2021.  Tuition is due at the start of each new semester.

  • We offer a family discount of $25 per semester with 2 children enrolled / $40 per semester with 3 children enrolled.

  • Class volume discounts for any enrolled student studying more than 3 hours per week.

  • Paying for your dance season up front by October 15 will save you money and support our business! Please inquire.

  • Payment plans are available to any family wishing to receive additional support to maintain their child's dance education.

  • PRIVATE LESSON RATES as of September 23, 2020: 

    • Single Student Lesson: 1 hour / $300 for a 4-week session​

    • Two-Student Lesson: 1 hour / $150 per student for a 4-week session

    • Three-Student Lesson: 1 hour / $100 per student for a 4-week session

Enrollment & Registration:

All students enrolling in Season 24 at CSDS must complete a registration form. This link is available on the Fall Season info page. Once the registration form has been received, the CSDS staff will review your class selections and confirm your classes via email.  There is a registration fee of $25 per family each season. Families with more than one child enrolled pay only one fee. 

Completing Enrollment/Making Payments:

Once your registration and class selection has been processed, each enrolled family will be set up with an online account with our dance studio management partner, Studio Director.  A unique login and password will be  to review your tuition and pay your bill online from the comfort of your own home. Details on this login will be shared once enrollment is complete.

  • *You may also make tuition payments via check, cash or credit card on-site during CSDS office hours.

Recital Costume Purchases

Each student who is enrolled in classes at Center Stage has the opportunity to take part in the end-of-year performance, commonly called a "Recital".  This performance highlights each and every class, level, and student who completes their dance season at CSDS.  Each student participating in the performance purchases a recital costume that is worn on stage for the performance.  Traditionally 1 recital costume is purchased for each class/routine a student is enrolled in. Costume payments are due in November 2020 to allow for early ordering and timely delivery. 

Refund Policy

- Once a semester payment has been made, there are no refunds for dropped or missed classes. With a versatile schedule of classes and the option of taking lessons virtually, we encourage all students who miss a class to take a makeup class. Directors & Teachers will make recommendations for appropriate makeup classes.


- If a student has a serious injury or illness and has to drop multiple classes, a pro-rated credit will be issued to your account. This credit may be used in any future semester or summer session. It may not be used towards costumes fees or any additional choreography/competition fees.


- Costume fees are non-refundable. CSDS purchases your child's recital costumes months in advance. In the case of a dropped class, the student may pickup their costume when it is available in June 2021. 

Dress Code

Each class and level follows a dress code that highlights the body movement, function, and cultural traditions of the dance style. A full dress code for CSDS students will be released prior to the start of the classes. For Ballet, Pointe, Jazz, and Tap footwear. please visit On Your Toes in Peabody to purchase our preferred brands of shoes! 

**Please note, with the uncertainty of how Season 24 will play out, we continue re-evaluate all policies as they become relevant. We hope to have the ability to plan a June 2021 recital and celebrate our dance season on stage, in costume. If those plans change, we will communicate any changes in our policy to you right away.

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