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Season 27: September 2023 to June 2024

 CSDS operates seasonally on a 33-week dance class & performance schedule. We offer quality, curriculum guided instruction through the Fall & Winter semesters with a focus on recital performance preparations during the final Spring semester.

Season 27 Studio Handbook:

Enrolled families & those seeking detailed information on CSDS pricing & policies may view the:

 Season 27 Studio Handbook

Classes begin on Tuesday September 18, 2023

  • The full 33-week dance season is divided into 3 equal semester payments.

  • Tuition is due at the start of each semester.

  • Fall Semester: September 18 to December 9 - 11 weeks

  • Winter Semester: December 11 to March 16 - 11 weeks

  • Spring Semester: March 18 to June 8 - 11 weeks

  • Recital Week: June 8-15. Recital date TBD. Performance & Rehearsals dates will be announced by December 1st.

Enrollment & Registration:

  • All students enrolling at CSDS must complete the online enrollment form available on our website and submit a non-refundable registration fee of $25 per family.

Submitting & Mailing Payments:

CSDS accepts payments for all services & goods via Credit Card, Cash, or Check made payable to CSDS. Please note:

  • Checks may be turned in to the desk staff during Office Hours. 

  • Cash & Credit Card payments must be made in person during CSDS office hours.

  • Paypal & Venmo payments are available only for enrollment fees and select extracurricular activities during the season.

  • If mailing a check, please be sure your payment is in a secure envelope and send to: Center Stage Dance Studio, 179 Green St. Melrose, MA 02176

What does it cost to take dance lessons at CSDS?

Dance instruction that comes with performance opportunities also bring costs to families. Enrollment in a full season of dance will incur the following payments on a schedule that is set by CSDS. Details on Page 5.

  • Semester Tuition, 3 payments (Fall, Winter, Spring)

  • Advance Costume Payment, (1 costume per class enrolled. Due in January)

  • Recital Performance Fee (One-time annual fee per family, due in May)

  • Dancers in the CSDS Company will incur additional competition entry & costume fees. Detailed in the CSDS Company handout.

  • Recital Show Ticket purchases, $20 General admission. Kids under 3, free.


Recital Week & Performance Day:

It is annual tradition to present CSDS’ recital performance each June. Each weekly class that appears on the schedule will perform a routine in the show with the exception of Pre-Pointe/Beginner Pointe.  Faculty & students will prepare choreography during regular class time in February/March. After 10 weeks of Spring semester, we enter Recital week. This includes 3 days of commitment:

1. Staging Rehearsal, In-Theater - New this year!

2. Dress Rehearsal, In-Theater - Includes full costume & makeup

3. Recital Day Performance & Grand Finale Bow - Cast party to follow in June.

- Select Ballet classes may have a 4th day on their schedule for additional performance rehearsal.Each participating student in the recital will either purchase or rent one costume for each routine they appear in. See next page.

Booking a Private Lesson

  • Students seeking private dance training may sign up for available time with any of our instructors offering sessions. 

  • Private Lessons may be recommended in the case of multiple absences or simply to help focus your skills in a specific area.

  • Private Lessons are available to book with a 2-week minimum and up to 8 weeks per semester when there is availability.

  • Private Lesson schedules are independent from the regular semester calendar. Availability may chance throughout the season. 

Dress Code & Appearance

  • Upholding appearance & traditions, a full dance class dress code is available in the Student Handbook or view the Google Doc version here

  • To respect the traditions of all dance styles in an authentic way, we ask that all students adhere to the specific dress code outlined for their class. 

  • CSDS recommends & supports local dance retailer, On Your Toes - Located on Rt. 1 South in Peabody. (978) 536-7077

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