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Whether you are dancing for the first time or pursuing a long term commitment to dance education, Center Stage Dance Studio offers effective teaching methods in technique and movement for ages 3 to adult.  The CSDS teaching Faculty is made up of a collective of dance artists who have actively pursued a full-time career in the arts, performance, and dance education; setting ourselves apart and providing the youth with an expansive and engaging dance experience.  At CSDS, we strive to enrich our student's understanding of dance on many levels including technique & proper instruction, musicality and musical diversity, and exposure to guest artists, outside performance opportunities, and our signature annual dance recital. We offer a variety of classes & programs for all ages and levels.  Classes run weekdays and Saturdays during mid-September through June with an end of the year performance for all enrolled dancers.  The CSDS Company works year-round through class training, rehearsing, competing and performing. Click on a dance style below to learn more, and please visit the Fall Schedule page to see our most up to date course offerings & enrollment opportunities. Open enrollment opens in August/September and classes run until June.

Creative Dance: Ages 2.5-4

A special time for our littlest dancers to discover the joy of dance through music, creative exploration, and movement activity.  Each week begins with circle time, and the class expands to center & across-the-floor movement with guided instruction and positive motivation. Creative Dance program develops social skills and offers children a fun & engaging intro to the world of dance. 


*CSDS Director, Miss Christina is a certified "Adaptive Dance" instructor by way of the Boston Ballet training program. Creative Dance classes under her instruction welcome children of all abilities to attend up to the age of 5 years old. 


Kindercombo: Ages 4.5-6

Kindercombo is a one-hour class that picks up where Creative Dance leaves off. This combo class includes 30 minutes of Pre-Ballet and 30 minutes of Tap, introducing students to two foundational dance styles. Portions of the class include creative games such as creative improvisation time, Ballet story-time, and activities that include musical instruments and props. 

Beginner Ballet: Age 6.5+

The first experience with classical ballet, this class introduces dancers to a refined class environment that touches on the cornerstones of ballet including Barre work, center exercises, and across-the-floor movement.  CSDS Ballet classes are structured to provide an understanding of dance positions, terminology, and beginner movement while keeping the students engaged and highlighting the rich history of this graceful and highly respected art form.

Jazz & Tap Combo: Age 6+

This one-hour class introduces young dancers to two upbeat styles of dance that go hand-in-hand with one another. With music ranging from the swing-era to modern day favorites, students will enjoy the absolute basics of Jazz & Tap dance introducing technique, musicality, and a beginner dance vocabulary. When Spring semester comes, the Instructor will choose one style of dance to highlight in the routine that appears in our annual recital performance.

Kid Funk: Age 5-7

This unique class introduces young dancers to a fun filled hour of dance skills and beginner tumbling activities. Class time is accompanied by a selection of soulful music, classic funk, and other upbeat dance classics, giving students a strong sense of confidence, musicality, freedom, and expression through movement. Foundational skills will be developed throughout the season that will prepare dancers to move into our signature Street Dance classes in future seasons.

Sing, Dance, Play!: Age 2-3 years

New class! Description coming soon.

Ballet: Levels 1 through 7

A refined class structure promotes proper body alignment, technique, strength, balance and coordination. It is highly recommended for all students at CSDS who wish to pursue this and the many other styles of dance that stem from Ballet.  At every level, class consists of barre exercises, center work, and across the floor combinations.  Ballet terminology, which derives itself from the French language, increases with each level as dancers become more immersed in steps, speed, and technique.  

Elite Technique Combo: Levels 2 through 7 - Includes Lyrical, Contemporary, and Jazz

This original curriculum is unique to CSDS and provides a great foundation for any aspiring dancer with a comprehensive review of the connected styles of Lyrical, Contemporary, and characteristics of popular Jazz. Regardless of age and level, this combination class emphasizes a wide range of technical skills, flexibility training, leaps, turns, kicks, floor work, and choreography.  Emphasis is on the energy, style, and rhythmic accuracy.

Tap: Levels 3 through 7

Tap is an original American dance form that emphasizes musicality by making percussive rhythms with the feet. Emphasis is placed on universal Tap technique and terminology as dancers are introduced to a century of influential music, pioneers, and historical figures that drive this globally recognized style of dance. Class work includes a center warmup, footwork drills, traveling steps, and choreography. As students progress through the levels, skills are refined, speed and agility increase, and dancers learn how to use their feet as a percussive instrument.

Modern: Levels 4 through 7

Modern Dance is a broad genre of theatrical dance whose foundation includes a technical vocabulary developed by many pioneers of dance such as Lester Horton, Alvin Ailey, Martha Graham, José Limon and more.  Class consists of a center warm up with an emphasis on core strength, release of the upper body, flexibility training, movement progressions, and signature "floorwork".  Meaningful themes, conceptual choreography, and improvisation play a significant role as dancers progress through the levels.  In order to support the refined technique of Modern dance, CSDS students must also be enrolled in Ballet class throughout the season.

Pointe: Levels 4/5 through 7

Once a certain level of Ballet technique has been achieved, the advancing ballet student will be recommended for work en Pointe taking their training a step further and opening doors to performance opportunities and a potential career in Ballet.  In addition to adequate ankle strength, alignment, balance, and technique, requirements for this class include a keen understanding of classroom etiquette and dress code. First time Pointe dancers will be recommended to our Pre-Pointe program and progress annually.  Premature Pointe work can result in injury and it is at the sole discretion of CSDS Faculty to recommend dancers to this refined program.  whether or not a student is shows readiness.  Students taking Pointe must also be enrolled in Ballet class at CSDS throughout the season.

Street Dance: Ages 8 through Teen / 3 levels

Street Dance class introduces young dancers to the fundamentals of breaking, popping & waving, footwork, and impressive skills that are fostered in a creative and expressive learning environment. Style and technique are paired with soul, funk, and house music to highlight the decades-long journey of street culture that has driven these dance styles to popularity. Weekly classes include strength building, stretching, freestyle dance, and guided instruction; offering students a creative space that builds self-expression and confidence.

Junior Broadway Jazz / Broadway Jazz: Ages 8 and up

Welcome to the world of vibrant song & dance through exposure to Broadway musicals, Hollywood showtunes, and Disney classics.  This one-hour class provides a foundation in technique & performance through a consistent curriculum of center warmup, flexibility training, fancy footwork, and signature Jazz technique. Dancers will enjoy a weekly journey of dance education, character development, and a wide array of dance skills that come together for an entertaining performance in our annual recital.

The CSDS Company / Junior & Senior Levels

A performance program for dancers age 12 & up seeking a passionate pursuit of their dance education through increased training, a well-rounded class curriculum, and increased performance opportunities. This program includes the pre-requisites of Ballet, Modern, and Elite Technique and enrollment in at least 4 classes per week. Company dancers attend monthly Saturday rehearsals, charity performances, and annual dance competition appearances.  Placement in the CSDS Company is possible by way of a placement class 'audition' or a recommendation by the Director.  For more information on how to pursue a spot in the CSDS Company, please contact us directly.

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