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Recital Information & News

Each June, CSDS presents an annual recital.  All weekly classes will perform a routine in the show. As the season continues, please check back here foR DETAILS.

Recitals at CSDS

At the end of the studio school year two recitals will be performed on the same day at the Melrose Middle School auditorium. Not all dancers perform in both shows. While we encourage all dancers to participate, it is not a requirement. 

Performing in the recital is a wonderful experience for your child to feel rewarded and fulfilled for the hard work that they put in all year. It leaves dancers with a feeling of pride and accomplishment and helps to build confidence by performing on stage.

When is the Recital?


Our 2020 recital has been canceled due to the pandemic. If you are a part of CSDS, we know how much this hurts.  Thank you for sticking with us and believing in our methods of fluid planning as the weeks and months have changed our lives profoundly. Please continue to check your email for details regarding future plans surrounding performances, and for details on your child's recital costume pickup coming in June.

Ticket Sales

Tickets go on sale at the studio on month prior to the recital. Ticket Day is offered as a courtesy for those who wish to have their choice of seating early. After Ticket Day, recital tickets are on sale every day at CSDS during Office Hours, at Dress Rehearsal, and on Show Day. All tickets are reserved seating.

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