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179 Green St. Melrose, MA (Lower Level entrance on Farwell Ave.)

781.665.5059 / info@centerstagestudio.org 

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Studio Policies


Calendar Year

Classes begin on Thursday September 12, 2019.  The season is divided into 3 Semesters; Fall, Winter, and Spring. The dance season culminates in June with an annual recital. See back page for full calendar year.

  • Year-At-A-Glance 2019/2020 - Coming Soon

Registration Fees

Registration Fees: $25 per season, 1 fee per family.


Class Tuition is divided into 3 equal semester payments.

Tuition includes weekly lessons, in-studio rehearsals, and recital week rehearsals.

Semester I: Due by September 30

Semester II Due by December 31

Semester III: Due by March 31 

A $5 late fee is applied to balances unpaid by the date above. 


Private Lesson Rates:

$60/hour: Private Lesson (1 student)

$30 per student/hour: Semi-Private Lesson (2 students)

$20 per student/hour: Private Trio Lesson (3 students)

*Private Lessons may be scheduled for 4 week sessions. Please see schedule & speak to the Directors for availability.


Multiple Class Discounts

- Families with 2 children enrolled take $25 off semester tuition.


- Families with 3+ children enrolled take $40 off sem. tuition.


- Families dancing 2+ hours/week are eligible to receive an additional 5% discount for paying for the year-in-full by September 30.  Please refer to the tuition chart for set pricing.


- Students with account balances from the past Semester will not be admitted to class.


Refund Policy

- No refunds are issued for missed lessons.  Students may attend a comparable makeup class. 


- No refunds are issued for dropped classes.  In the case of a serious injury, a prorated credit will be issued.


- Costume fees are non-refundable.


- If one has already paid-in-full for the year and a class must be dropped, CSDS will issue a 50% credit during Semester I only.  Credits may be applied to costume payments. No refunds will be issued after Semester 1. 


Annual Recital

All weekly classes will perform a routine in the annual recital in June 2020. Recital week includes in-studio rehearsals, a full dress rehearsal, and a performance day. Please check website and email announcements for details.


Recital Ticket Sales

Recital Tickets go on sale at the studio one month prior to the recital. All tickets are reserved seating, $19 each.


Recital Costume Purchases

Each student participating in the recital purchases a costume for each routine they are in. Costume payments are due in full by October 30 to allow for early ordering and timely delivery.  Costumes range from $60 (all children Age 2-5) up to $85 each depending on level. For detailed prices, please see handbook.​

Monthly Newsletter/Communication

Important school notifications, announcements, deadlines, and scheduling reminders are shared with families through digital communication.  Please confirm email addresses; especially if you do not hear from us. Always check the Bulletin Board in lobby and our website for all updates.



In case of absences, please call or email in advance. There are no refunds for missed classes, but students may take a makeup class. Further attendance policies apply for Ensemble Team participants. 

Weather Cancellations

Any cancellation or schedule change announcements will be posted on the studio’s voicemail, email and website/facebook. Students may makeup snow days in a comparable class in the same semester. 


Dress Code

All students must adhere to the specific dress code for their classes available online or in the studio. Click here for Season 23 dress code.


  • Arriving to the Studio: Please arrive10 minutes before your class.  Arriving a few minutes early ensures that students are ready to dance at the start of class and helps avoid class disruptions and over-socializing during class amongst students.


  • Multiple Class Students: Students with multiple classes in a day or breaks between classes are welcome to use the lobby or student lounge for studying, resting, etc. 


  • Student Learning & Instruction:  Our faculty strives to attend to the needs of all students through patient, thoughtful instruction.  Constructive corrections made by the teacher are a pillar of dance education and are essential to a dancer’s growth. If a child has a unique learning ability it may be helpful for the staff to be made aware.


  • Class Placement: Proper class placement is essential to a dancer’s safety and progress.  Years of previous training at another institution does not determine class placement. In many cases we may recommend a placement class for new dancers. Level placement Is determined by a combination of age, ability, and experience.


  • Dress Code: All students, regardless of level and genre, must adhere to the specific dress code for their classes, as described in the dress code supplement, available in-studio and online. On Your Toes (Peabody) and Patterson’s (Burlington) keep the CSDS Dress Code on file.


  • Attendance: We appreciate the effort of both the student and the parent to try and attend every class. Please call or email absences in advance when possible. For students age 10+ we recommend coming to observe class if well enough


  • Recital Participation: It is not required for all dancer to participate in the annual recital, but the expectation is that dancers participate unless we are notified. We encourage everyone to experience the joy of live performance and participate In the show.


  • Parents Dance (Formerly known as “Dad’s Dance”): Each season the Director’s take sign-ups for an annual dance that was originally created for willing Fathers of CSDS dancers to perform in the recital. As requests and interests continue to expand, we are happy to announce the inclusion of ALL parents to participate in this annual tradition.  Sign-up is in March - Come break the glass ceiling with us!


  • Disciplinary Policy: The Faculty at CSDS is trained and experienced in managing the classroom in positive and effective ways. Repeatedly disruptive students will be asked to observe class at the discretion of the teacher or school directors. If concerns arise, we may request a meeting with student & parent present. 


  • Respect & Kindness: Our purpose is to provide a safe and positive atmosphere for all dancers, families, and participants. We ask that parents help reinforce the standards of kindness towards our entire dance community that we hope to have for ourselves and our own children. Please report any concerns regarding student behavior directly to the Directors.