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Course Descriptions

Popping & Hip Hop 

The study of Hip Hop dance at CSDS comes from a deep appreciation of the communities & cultures that gave life to the music, dance, and art that defines it. This class will incorporate dance fundamentals, musicality training, and creative expression. Style and technique pair together to teach basic bounces & grooves, footwork, and a skilled approach to Popping, Waving, Bboy & Bbgirl skills, and House dance. Soulful music will guide students through a decades-long journey of culture, music, and dance that highlights the culture and tradition from which these dance forms were born. Weekly in-studio lessons take place with Fadayz. Occasionally students have the unique opportunity to take guest/master classes with Ashton Lites/Stackz, Africano, Fadayz and other leaders of Boston dance community. hip hop community in Boston.  ​

Partnership with I.U.D.A. / Africano 

Africano is world-renowned dancer, artist, author and teacher who CSDS is proud to partner with. He is a member of the international dance crew, Playboyz inc, who are at the forefront of pioneering Bay Area Strutting and Popping to the dance world. A native of Charlotte, NC he has traveled the world through his art forms and shared the culture of hip-hop dance through teaching workshops in Trinidad & Tobago, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Kenya, Dubai, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Taiwan and Tokyo. His partnership with CSDS comes through Director, Christina Leonard, who was inspired and influenced through his workshops in Boston. Africano taught a workshop at CSDS in March 2018 and we look forward to having him back again soon.  Highlights of Africano's course include the vast drills and skills that students will study weekly, and the musical & cultural history that is woven through his teachings.​ Highly recommend for students over the age of 11.

  • 13-week course.

  • Student-led timeline, study weekly at home.

  • Popping 1 Certification from I.U.D.A.

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