COVID Safety Announcements & Guidelines

We are excited to welcome our CSDS families back for Season 24. As we shift gears into a new academic year, we want to reiterate the guidelines we put into place over the summer to ensure that the wellness and safety of your children are our top priority.


  • The CSDS Pre-Screening Form must be complete BEFORE arriving to class (24-48 hours prior).  Fill it out digitally here to save time and trees.  Once you’ve filled it out, it’s good for 2 weeks or until one of your responses changes.


  • If your child has tested positive for Covid-19, or has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19, we ask that you follow the CDC-recommended 14-day quarantine period followed by an additional Covid-19 test with a negative result at the end of the quarantine period before returning to CSDS.

  • Missed classes due to illness can be made up according our class make-up policy.

  • Help us keep you, our staff, and our families safe!



When you arrive to CSDS, please be prepared for the following steps:

  1. Make sure your mask is on and enter the studio on Farwell Ave to the waiting room. 

  2. If you see more than two guests in the waiting room, please wait out on the walkway until you are called in.

  3. Please wait behind the yellow line marked inside the entrance until you are called forward to check in at the desk. 

  4. Give your name and then wait while we check to make sure we received your Pre-Reg Screening Form. 

  5. Stand still while a CSDS member takes your forehead temperature with a contactless thermometer.

  6. Show the desk staff that you have a water bottle and are properly wearing your mask.

  7. Remove your shoes and head to the bathroom to wash your hands. Please keep your mask on for this step. 

  8. Walk into your designated studio and place your belongings in a designated student basket  Your teacher will be waiting for you at this time.  



We are continuing to work hard to make sure that we can keep the spirit and comfort of our in-studio lessons the same while also facilitating social distancing.  As such, we will be requiring all students, parents, and teachers to adhere to the following protocol.


Follow CSDS Mask Protocol: Masks must be worn upon entering the building, and kept on for all activities in the waiting room, walking through studios, and using the bathroom. Students may only remove their masks to drink water. Teachers will wear masks for the entire in-person lessons, unless they are in the designated teacher zone to take a short break from mask-wearing to drink water. 


Minimal Physical Contact:  We realize that physical corrections of the body are a natural part of dance training. For the time being, we will limit hands-on corrections. No hand-holding, high-fives, or hugging in the classroom.

Physically Distant Dancing: Our studio is setup to indicate physically distant guidelines on the dance floor, both for stationary learning and traveling dance steps.  Spatial awareness is an integral part of dance training, and the transition to physically-distant spacing in the serves as an added precaution to keep students and teachers safe. 

Communicate If there is something related to safety or COVID-19 that you think is missing or has been overlooked, please let us know.  Our studio model has been evolving and adapting for more than 2 decades and we plan to continue that mindset. 

Leaving the Studio We are asking that all students leave immediately after their in-studio lesson. Each student should gather their belongings, stay masked, and wash their hands in the bathroom before leaving. The student lounge is closed for student use at this time. 



1 - MASKS- For levels 3-7, we ask that students bring two masks. A sweaty mask is an ineffective mask!

2 - A (full) water bottle -  We recommend at least 16 oz for one in-studio class. 

3 - An individual hand sanitizer - Something to start keeping in your dance bag! If you have one, bring it! It’s great to have your own on hand. CSDS has hand sanitizer available for anyone who enters our studio.

4 - A small bag  - to keep your belongings contained and make sure that nothing gets left behind. Please do not bring large dance bags. Keep your water bottles inside your bag when not actively using them.  Bring only what's necessary!


Remember that if you don’t feel comfortable coming to in-person classes yet for any reason, you are always welcome to join our Virtual Classrom as an alternative.


If you think we are missing anything or would like to make a suggestion related to safety, please reach out to us at Thank you for your continued support during these unprecedented times!

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