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Children's Program

Creative Dance

Designed to introduce 2.5 – 4  year old students to the joy of movement and music in the classroom.  Teachers start class in a welcome circle where creative movement games and exercises are used to introduce basic concepts of dance and introductory ballet skills.  Class expands to center and movement across the floor with imaginative instruction and positive motivation. Out Creative Dance program develops social skills, and gives kids a fun, hands-on, introduction to the wonderful world of dance *Wednesday 3:30 Creative Dance encourages students of all abilities to inquire about enrollment. This class offers a certified Adaptive Dance instructor, and welcomes children of all abilities between the ages of 3 and 4. 


This 1-hour class meets once a week and is for students in Pre-K / Kindergarten. A combination of 30-minutes of Ballet & 30-minutes of Tap introduces students to both styles of dance.  At this age, ballet is an introduction of concepts through short learning exercises in the center and across the floor.  The Tap portion of the class teaches basic rhythm & musicality. Portions of the class also include creative games such as acting & improvisation circles, story-telling games and music-themed activities Kindercombo I for Ages 4.5-5, Kindercombo II Ages 5-6.


Ballet Level I & Level II

Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms, teaching discipline, terminology, placement, and grace to dancers of all ages.  Students Age 6-8 are placed in Level I; a 45-minute ballet class that consists of basic barre and center work.  Students will progress to moving across-the-floor throughout the year. Ages 7-9 are placed in Level II; a 1-hour class building on the foundation of Level I, and adding more terminology and refinement of skills learned in Level I. Level I and II students will perform a classical ballet routine in the June recital.

*Ages 6-8 Level I / Ages 7-9 Level II

Jazz/Tap Combo Level I & Level II

A one-hour class that meets once a week for students Age 6-8 or 7-9. The upbeat Jazz warmup includes center work that builds strength and flexibility. Technique-based warmup offers the tools for across the floor work such as leaps, kicks, and turns. The Tap portion of class teaches students the absolute basics of tap dance, rhythm, and musicality. Students will perform one routine in the recital.  *Ages 6-8 Level I / Ages 7-9 Level II

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