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Children's Ballet

Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms, teaching discipline, terminology, placement, and grace to dancers of all ages.  Students Age 6-8 are placed in Level I; a 45-minute ballet class that consists of basic barre and center work.  Students will progress to moving across-the-floor throughout the year. Ages 7-9 are placed in Level II; a 1-hour class building on the foundation of Level I, and adding more terminology and refinement of skills learned in Level I. Level I and II students will perform a classical ballet routine in the June recital.

Ballet Technique Program - Level III to Level VII

The study of classical ballet at CSDS is based in two main techniques that we educate on: Cechetti and Vaganova technique. Each student is guided through syllabus training that will facilitate the development of ballet technique each season. Focus on body placement, musicality, strength and flexibility are cornerstones of the training. Pre-Pointe and Pointe work is introduced to the student based on ability after the age of 10. Advanced students will occasionally learn 19th century repertory work in class. *All Ballet students in Levels III to VII must sign up for the 'Additional 15-minutes' paired with each level's class if they wish to perform a routine in competition in recital and/or competition. Please see schedule.

Character Folk Dance

Occassionally, Ballet students will be introduced to Character Dance; a complement style to Ballet. Students will learn traditional folk dances from Eastern Europe, including the Czardas, Mazurka, Tarantella, Kalinka, and more.  This athletic dance form has its roots in Eastern Europe and is based in the Ballet vocabulary.  Traditional folk music will be played, and students will engage in culturally appreciative and authentic movement.

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