Below is an overview of the general policies at CSDS.  A full detailed tuition schedule and dress code is available in our Parent/Student Handbook, which is given to families upon registration.  If you have any questions not answered here, please contact us and we are happy to help.

Calendar Year

Classes begin on Monday September 21, 2015.  The dance season culminates in June with our annual recital. For a detailed Year-at-a-Glance and list of Holidays observed, please view the Calendar.

Tuition Payments

The year’s tuition is now divided into 3 equal semester payments:

  • Fall (due in September)
  • Winter (due in December)
  • Spring (due in March)
  • Discounts are offered for multiple classes & siblings.  Please visit one of our Open Houses to pick up a Parent Handbook at the studio for all tuition costs.

Full Year Payment Option: Pay the season’s tuition in full by October 1 and receive an additional discount of 5%.

Registration Fee: Please note that there is a non-refundable registration fee per family, $20 for returning families, $25 for new students.

Costume Payments

Each student participating in the recital will need to purchase a recital costume(s). CSDS orders costumes early in the season to ensure timely delivery and ample time to fit students prior to the June recital.  On November 1st, your costume payment is due in full. Information on costume pricing is available in the Parent Handbook.

Rules & Procedures

Students should arrive on time for class.  Arriving to the studio a few minutes early ensures that students are ready to dance at the start of class.  This is to avoid classes being disrupted by a late arrival and to ensure that all students receive a proper warm-up.

Students should be respectful of their teacher and fellow students.  Our faculty strives to attend to the needs of all students by being respectful and patient in class. We ask that parents and students understand that corrections made by the teacher are part of dance education and are always intended as constructive and helpful to the dancer’s progress.

Dress Code

We ask that all students adhere to the specific dress code for their classes.  Following dress code allows students to realize the disciplined nature of the classroom without being distracted by personal clothing styles.  Hair should always be neatly tied back and/or in a bun for ballet classes.  It is important that teachers are able to view the neckline and posture of students during class. Dress code is on file at On Your Toes in Peabody and at Patterson’s in Burlington. Download the 2015/2016 DRESS CODE

Class Placement

Placement is a top priority at CSDS.  Young students are primarily placed by age. Ages 2.5-4 enter our Creative Dance 1 or 2 program, while ages 4.5-6 enter Kindercombo. From then on, students are placed by a combination of grade level, age, and ability. We offer a full range of levels for all dance forms at CSDS, and pride ourselves on our long relationships with students as they mature.  Years of previous training at another dance school does not determine class placement, and in some cases we will suggest a “placement class” to find the best fit for the dancer.

Attendance, Holidays, and School Closings

Click Here to view our Calendar

In the case of absences, please call in advance so the teacher can mark the student absent. There are no refunds for missed classes; however, makeup classes may be taken in a comparable class until recital work begins in January. If a student misses 3 or more classes after January 1, the students placement in class may be reconsidered. Coming to class to observe is strongly encouraged if the student is feeling well enough.

Weather cancellations coincide with the Melrose Public Schools. Call 781-665-5059 or visit our website to confirm. Make-up classes will be scheduled when the allotted snow days have been used.

Recital, Dress Rehearsal, and other Performances

We traditionally hold our recital in June. Details are dependent on the availability of the Melrose Middle School.  “Recital Week” will include studio rehearsals (a run-through of the show at CSDS), a dress rehearsal at the Melrose Middle School, and the performance on recital day. Exact dates posted in October. For more information on performance opportunities with CSDS, click here.

Monthly Newsletters

A monthly newsletter is distributed to all students upon the first class of each month and is also available online. These notices contain pertinent information about our studio calendar and events.


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