WCDE Convention Recap!

What a refreshing weekend of dance classes & performances at the West Coast Dance Explosion convention in Boston!  I attended the convention as a teacher, and 5 CSDS students attended as well. The staff is phenomenal.  If you are a follower of the dance/choreography world you will recognize names like Elizabeth Parkinson, Ricky Palomino, Jeff Lapes, Natalie Reid, and Sasha Mallory to name a few.

The entire weekend was organized, inspiring and refreshing.  Dancers & teachers alike learned choreography, and had the chance to receive sage advice from people who live and breath this world we call dance.   It’s not everyday that you meet inspired and inspiring people who thrive on their passion.

One man whose name wasn’t on the playbill but appeared in classes with Jeff Lapes & Ricky Palomino was Chaz Buzan.  I’ve been following Chaz for the past year or so, mostly through gazing at You Tube videos with my jaw on the floor.  He is one of the most fluid, silky, and technically strong dancers I have ever seen.  His movement is unique & heartfelt, and he has legs to die for.  The first video I ever saw of Chaz was this one:

I was so glad that my students that attended the convention got to see with their own eyes just why their dance teacher kept telling them to “You Tube “My Heart!” for the past 6 months.

Lastly, here is a short video from the “Teen Room” where Ricky Palomino, Chaz Buzan, and their assistant Gabby David (17 years old, oh. my. god.) demonstrated the combo they were teaching. Speechless…

Thanks to WCDE, the staff and faculty, the dancers, and my students for another renewing experience. When you teach 25 dance classes every week, it’s easy to burn out. We all need a vacation to revive ourselves, and sometimes we need a little inspiration to light the fire again too. I’m happy to say, mine is lit!

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